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What is Bcrypt?

Bcrypt is cryptographic hashing algorithm, recommended for password hashing.

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Bcrypt Hash Verifier

The supplied hash matches with supplied plain text

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Password Hashing?

Password hashing is a one-way process of securing plain text password by creating a bit string of a fixed size called hash using cryptographic hash function. Cryptographic hash functions designed to be a one-way function, that is, a function which is infeasible to invert.

What is Password Hashing Competition?

Password Hashing Competition, organized by cryptography and security experts, is an open competition to This site can’t be reachedraise awareness of the need of strong password hashing algorithms and to identify hash functions that can be recognized as a recommended standard. Bcrypt was selected as the final PHC winner on 20 July 2015.

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Note #1: We do not store any passwords, never.

Note #2: Always choose a strong password, containing special characters, lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers.

Note #3: Always use trusted libraries for creating password hashes.

Note #4: Stop using weak hashing algorithms such as md5, sha1, sha256, etc.